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GREENSBURG, PA- Marcia Pietrella recently joined Seton Hill College as the public service librarian in Reeves Library on campus. She will assist students with reference questions, give information on literacy instruction, be responsible for interlibrary loans and will supervise library workstudy students. In addition, she is responsible for coordinating the children’s library programs. Previously serving as the evening supervisor and acquisitions coordinator for the College library from 1989- 1994, Pietrella expressed her amazement at how much has changed since she last worked at Reeves. “When I left, we were still using the card catalog,” she said. “Now technological resources have multiplied and access to information is so much quicker. It’s unbelievable the difference a few years have made.” Pietrella is pleased to return to the College and work around books again: “I’ve always loved everything about the College- from the buildings and its location to the students and employees and of course the library,” she said. “I’ve always loved books and I enjoy sharing that love with others. I think the library is the closest place to utopia on earth for me.”