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GREENSBURG, PA—The International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU) has announced that Seton Hill College has been invited as a full member of the organization. Seton Hill College joins 20 other members of the IFCU from the United States including Fordham University, Boston College, the University of Notre Dame, Loyola University of Chicago, Georgetown University and the Catholic University of America. The IFCU has more than 190 member institutions throughout the world. Members of the Federation are legally constituted Catholic institutions of higher education that collaborate to consolidate, develop and disseminate their knowledge to achieve the IFCU’s academic, ethical and spiritual objectives in keeping with their Christian faith. President JoAnne Boyle commented on Seton Hill’s selection, “This is an important membership for Seton Hill. It reinforces and reemphasizes Seton Hill’s focus on world affairs and our determination to build relationships for our students, faculty and institution that are world-wide in scope.” In order to achieve full membership in the Federation, universities and colleges must be recommended to the IFCU Council by two universities which are already members, at least one of which must be located in a country other than the United States. The International Federation of Catholic Universities has advisory status within the United Nations in New York, the Economic and Social Commission in Vienna, the Human Rights Commission in Geneva, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in Paris, the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and permanent representation in the International Association of Universities (IAU).